21-28 working day turnaround

About Me


I’ve sewn since as far back as I can remember, from having a my little pony sewing machine around age 6/7, to hand sewing barbie clothes with my great grandma. My love of sewing and fashion led me to go on to do a BTEC, HND and BA in fashion design and textiles with certificates in pattern cutting. Doing my BA is how I landed in Salisbury from all the way up north. Upon completing my degree, I decided I didn’t like big city life so didn’t want to go to London for work and stayed in Salisbury. I had fell in love with the place and liked the fact it was a nice small rural city. I tinkered in sewing over the years from making dancewear, to doing local boutique alterations, military tailoring and even upholstering local venues. It wasn’t until I had my daughter that I found my true love of sewing. I’d only ever designed and made ladies wear prior to my daughter and was not keen on the idea of designing kids wear, but this little lady found a passion in me I never knew existed. It was whilst making her christening gown that I decided that I was going to start making more of her clothes. She wore a cloth nappy, so it made perfect sense, as I struggled to find clothes to fit her big fluffy bum and that was start of Isa B. The more I sewed for her, the more people asked me to sew for them and that lead to me opening a social media page and launching Isa Baby Creations. Her nickname was Isa baby and it seemed a fitting brand name, but as my business grew we changed our name to Isa B.
Technically, I work a balance of part time sewing, part time mother, cleaner, chef, laundrette, nurse, taxi service gardener and all the other jobs that come along with being a stay at home mum. I’d be lying if I said it was easy but it’s a balance and technically I work full time but not always sewing as I’m responsible for 1 toddler, 1 frenchie, 2 Persians, a gold fish, man of the house and at intervals two step children. Some days, I can sew full time and some days, home life doesn’t even allow me to open my office door but in general with evenings or daytime I can average around 6 hours a day in my office.